The story of Sifter started with "Stocksifter", a stock market company analysis tool developed by Hannes Kulvik, Ph.D., over a span of 20 years, far in advance of the big financial analysis tools of today. Measuring and sifting investment opportunities layer by layer, the potential companies emerge from behind the swarm of non-eligible cases, and are then exposed to a more sophisticated, in-depth analysis. Today Stocksifter stands for the entire Sifter investment strategy, policy and processes, which continued their evolution but still follow the original approach, the secret behind its success.


Sifter Fund currently includes two sub-funds that have differentiated strategies. Investors can change the weights between these two funds without any additional fees. The funds are regulated by European Union laws and they are supervised by Luxembourg’s financial authorities CSSF. The custodian bank is KBL European Private Bankers S.A.


Sifter Fund - Global sub-fund is a global equity fund. Sifter Global is the cornerstone of any investment portfolio and efficiently complements a geographically or otherwise limited investment portfolio. Low volatility and steady returns allow the investor peace of mind when investing in Sifter Global, while letting the investor reap benefits even from the emerging markets.


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