"Stock markets rule the world" is the idea behind equity trading. It simply means buying and selling stocks according to market fluctuations. Unfortunately, the market is never stable and its instability is impossible to control. When things are out of control, decisions become instinctive and they are based on guesses about the future. Of course, a guess can hit the bull’s eye. It can miss it, just as well.


With our customers’ money we do not gamble. We need to know we will win. That is why instead of trading we are investing. It means that we admit we cannot command random changes of stock markets. We buy companies instead of buying stocks. Therefore, Sifter fund’s basic idea is not the mastery of market, we rather rely on the following: "Companies create value, not the stock markets."


Companies can be analyzed, studied and evaluated by their real potential. Naturally, we do not deny the impact of market movements in any company’s short-term price but in the longer run time neutralizes the momentary swaying of the market. Healthy companies regain their real value after a temporary stock market drop.


We think it is often wise to be prudent, when the market is greedy. Vice versa, when others fear for their capital and the markets swoon, we buy under-valued companies. With time and patience the prices of such companies will reach their objective value. We do not need to fight against time, nor the markets. We just need to know the objective value of companies.


Sounds logical? It is. All our actions are based on logic, analysis, and hard evidence.


Sounds simple? It is not, but it is possible.


Companies with potential are spread all over the world. Investing in the best ones means non-stop real time analysis of more than 15,000 companies. It would be about 2 working years of 135 professional analysts. No fund can finance that. That is why Sifter fund’s deep quantitative screening of companies is made by the Stocksifter™ system, the result of 15 years of development work just for this purpose.


Stocksifter™ narrows down the amount of potential companies leaving the best 20-30 for further qualitative analysis. When it comes to quality, we trust only in human brain. Thus, our analysts’ working hours are reserved for what they know best: Exact and detailed qualitative analysis of companies.


Stocksifter™ is not a crystal ball, but it makes Sifter fund different from all other funds. Thanks to Stocksifter™ we can keep our organization small, hire only competent, highly motivated professionals and keep investing only in companies with the best potential. And that has borne fruits. Our track record stands comparison with any other track record and our Global Fund’s volatility is extremely low. We are also proud to say our fund has well preserved our investors´ capital and provided a steady return. These are the cornerstones of our strategy and methods.


We trust in companies. We trust in hard evidence and data. That is why we trust also in Sifter fund. Our management and professionals have invested their personal capital in the fund and that makes us do our job even better. Via this same fund our expertise, tools and know-how work for our investors.



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