Stocksifter™ is our proprietary financial analysis tool and has been integral part of the creation of Sifter Fund. The Stocksifter™ has evolved into the Sifter Investment policy and strategy and our systematic stock picking process, whereas third party cloud based analytics software form the core tools we use in our analysis today.


Stocksifter™ is an analysis tool developed by Hannes Kulvik that enables to perform deep analysis very effectively. The core of the tool is the real time information of over 15'000 of the largest quoted companies of the world. Its search and sort functions can be used to rank companies and their valuations globally, regionally or by various other criteria we choose. Companies can be compared to their peers, sectors and markets. All this data is valuable in order to see which companies within a group are outperforming and more promising than others. This approach is today being utilized via cloud based financial information services and tools such as Bloomberg, as we screen companies and then take a deeper look into companies that are undervalued and have a favorable position over their competitors.




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