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Through decades of collective experience, we have established a solid reputation built on trust, transparency and engagement.

The investment advisory team analyses the global equity universe through the Sifter elimination process together with the Investment Management Team Pharus Management Lux S.A. The members of the Advisory Team are seasoned professionals from various industries.

Investment Advisory Committee

Dr. Hannes Kulvik

Founder of Sifter Fund and acting Chairman.\nD.Sc Industrial Economics

Dr. Kulvik has over 25 years of experience working in industry, finance and private equity. He set up, grew and listed several successful companies on the stock market. He also was advisor to the President of Finland, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari.

Jukka Jaakkola

Member of Advisory Committee\nMSc Econ, MSc Tech

Mr. Jaakkola has a long experience working at Sifter as an Equity analyst. He knows the Sifter investment process throughout. Thanks to his superior contribution at Sifter Mr. Jaakkola was invited to Sifter investment advisory committee.

Investment Committee member Pauli Kulvik

Pauli Kulvik

Member of Sifter Fund BoD and Advisory Committee\nMSc Tech, MBA

Mr. Kulvik is a former MD of Tamro Group and Director of Neste Oil Division. He has over 10 years of experience working in private equities acting currently as a Partner of Helmet Capital. His focus of expertise is in strategic planning, international operational business management, industrial arrangements, mergers and acquisitions.

Investment Committee member Luc Caytan

Luc Caytan

Member of Sifter Fund BoD and Advisory Committee.\nMSc Business Administration and International Affairs

Mr Caytan is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience, working globally for KBC Group, with assignments in Manama, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong , Luxembourg. In addition he was a member of the Money Market Contact Group of ECB; of CC- Committee Clearstream; of the BoD, Luxembourg Stock Exchange; Deputy Chairman ISMA and Chairman of Education at ICMA Centre Reading University.

Advisory Team

Equity Analyst Wilhelm Fazer

Wilhelm Fazer

Equity Analyst\nMSc Econ

Equity Analyst Olli Pöyhönen

Olli Pöyhönen

Equity Analyst\nMSc Econ

Equity Analyst Alexander Järf

Alexander Järf

Equity Analyst\nMSc Econ, MSc Tech

Sifter Capital CEO Santeri Korpinen

Santeri Korpinen

CEO, Sifter Capital\nMSc Econ, MBA

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