The Sifter team

Most funds have only one portfolio manager who is responsible for analyzing, monitoring and deciding which stocks to invest in. We believe in teamwork and continuity. That is why we have enlisted a 4+4 team to analyze and monitor our investment opportunities.

The Analysis Team

The mission of our Analysis Team is to utilize the Sifter process to sift through and compare new investment opportunities on the global stock market and monitor the status of the companies that have been selected for the fund. The team is overseen by Investment Committee.

Santeri Korpinen

Santeri Korpinen


Santeri is the CEO of Sifter Capital Ltd. Santeri’s duties include leading the analysis team, overseeing our investor relations and the collaboration with Sifter’s management company in Luxembourg. Before arriving at Sifter, he worked for 17 years as a management consultant.

Alexander Järf

Alexander Järf

MSc (Tech), MSc (Finance)

Alexander is a business analyst who holds two degrees. He has the ability to analyze the revenue model of any business and scope out the best investment targets for the fund. Alexander leverages his engineering background in analyzing Sifter’s technology and industrial companies. Before arriving at Sifter, his career focused on the Finnish industrial sector.

Olli Pöyhönen

Olli Pöyhönen

MSc (Economics)

Olli is a seasoned business analyst who leaves no stone unturned in his quest to find the best investment targets for Sifter’s portfolio. Before he joined Sifter, Olli served as an analyst in the finance sector and in the Bank of Finland.

Karl-Johan Lidsle

Karl-Johan Lidsle

MSc (Finance)

Karl is the latest addition to the Sifter team. Karl’s analytical methods have helped him become a formidable part of the team when it comes to the systematic analysis and investigation of a company.

The Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee consists of a group of experienced investment professionals who advice the Analysis Team’s results every week. We believe in seamless teamwork. We also believe that a common research framework helps us achieve the best possible results.

Hannes Kulvik, Sifter Capital

Hannes Kulvik

PhD (Industrial Economics)

Hannes is the founder of the Sifter Fund and chairman of the Investment Committee. Hannes has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, corporate development, and financing. He was one of the first pioneers of the Finnish equity capital industry. In addition, he has sat on the boards of several publicly listed companies and served as an advisor to Martti Ahtisaari, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of Finland.

Luc Caytan, Sifter Capital

Luc Caytan

MSc (Econ and Bus Admin)

Luc is a banker from Belgium whose previous career in Kredit Bank Luxembourg provided him with the opportunity to work in several locations around the world. Luc’s contribution to Sifter is his vast experience from several different fields. Luc sits on the boards of several funds and is an active investor and advisor in his own right. For example, he has sat on the board of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, served as the chairman of ISMA, and acted as an advisor to the European Central Bank.

Pauli Kulvik, Sifter Capital

Pauli Kulvik

MBA, MSc (Industrial Economics)

Pauli has had a long-standing career as a c-suite executive in major corporations. Pauli’s contributions to Sifter’s investment analysis portfolio include his strategic mindset, financing expertise, and deep understanding of the industrial sector. For over ten years, he has served as a partner in the private equity industry. Pauli is also a member of the Sifter Fund’s board of directors.

Jukka Jaakola, Sifter Capital

Jukka Jaakkola

MSc (Tech), MSc (Econ and Bus Admin)

At the start of his career, Jukka served as an analyst for Sifter for several years, after which he decided to heed the calling of his engineering background and pursue a career in industry. As a result of his exemplary career as an analyst, Jukka was invited to Sifter’s Investment Committee in 2017.

Customer Service

Sifter’s Analysis Team is rounded out by our Investor Relations Manager Riku Pennanen and two customer representatives who work in our Helsinki office. They are responsible for assisting our partner investors in the many routine factors related to the world of investments.

Riku Pennanen

Riku Pennanen

At Sifter, Riku is responsible for Finnish investor relations. Riku is happy to explain why global quality companies are at the heart of Sifter’s investment strategy and how to invest in Sifter Global fund.

Sanna Heinonen

Sanna Heinonen


Sanna works as an assistant at Sifter Capital Ltd’s Helsinki office. Sanna will assist you in all routine matters related to Sifter’s office. If you need help with an invoice or, say, the code to the entryway of our office, contact Sanna and she will help you right away.

Johannes Nummikoski

Johannes’ duty is to help our partner investors in all matters related to the management, completion and submission of documents related to the companies that our fund invests in. If you require help or advice on, for example, sending the necessary documents or making a certified copy of your passport, do not hesitate to contact Johannes.