Sifter is an actively managed global
equity portfolio with a key difference.
We don’t pick stocks, we eliminate
them. By getting rid of the bad,
you’re left with the best.

And our consistent track record
proves it. We don’t speculate.
We eliminate.

Santeri Korpinen, CEO, Sifter Fund

About Us

Investor Manual

We want to share with our investors how we invest their money. In this short manual we have described the way we have worked over 15 years.

→ Investor Manual

The story of Sifter started over 25 years ago, when Dr. Hannes Kulvik created the Stocksifter™ investment process to manage his equity assets. Since then, Sifter has grown a professionally managed global equity fund with our own proprietary equity research.

Sifter, the equity solution for family offices
Our typical partners are family offices from all over Europe and the Middle East. They value our research driven investment process, research deal flow and consistently favourable returns. That’s why many family offices have trusted Sifter to take care of their equity portfolio.

We have co-invested in the fund too, because we’re completely assured in our approach.

“Appealing track record and selection methodology of the invested shares.”

Private investor in Switzerland, investor since 2010

"Global allocation and consistent investment process over 14 years"

Family Office investor in Finland, since 2016

"Own money invested in the fund, “co-investment”"

Family Office investor in United Kingdom, since 2003

Sifter Fund

Established in 2003, the Sifter Global Fund investment strategy is based on our Stocksifter™ tool and our elimination process.

We focus on the single asset class of equity, because by honing our offering to one class, we’re able to offer the most expert and personalised service for our clients.

Being single minded is our strength.
We are tactful with our client’s capital. Markets will fluctuate and are unstable by definition, but companies can be analysed, studied and evaluated by their real potential.

That’s why we’re not trading. We’re investing.

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How We Invest

The way we invest at Sifter has a key difference.
We eliminate.

Our proprietary analysis tool, Stocksifter™, is the core of our investment process. You can think of it like an equity GPS because it helps us navigate quickly and effectively to find the best investment opportunities by eliminating the bad ones.

Stocksifter™ searches, ranks and sifts through real-time information from over 65,000 of the largest quoted companies in the world. The companies are ranked and valued, and can also be compared against their peers, sectors and markets. Continuous comparing and ranking is something we want to do better, more effectively and to a wider extent than others. Using this information, we can identify which companies are undervalued cash generators — the perfect investment opportunities.

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Sanna Heinonen, Sifter Fund