We are an active equity fund specialized in Quality Investing

We do

Our task is to discover the top 30 most competitive companies with lower valuation and higher potential.

You get

An investment of 30 high-quality stocks globally with a proven track record of outperforming market indexes in 19 years*

*Historical performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future performance.


Fund performance

Sifter Fund Global (Class I) cumulative return after all expenses.


3 Years

5 Years

Since inception (2003-)

What do you get as a Sifter investor?

Our investors


Sifter Fund Quarterly Report

The third quarter started with a substantial rise in July, which surprised many investors. The Fund’s return remained plus or minus zero in the 3rd quartile.

Disclaimer: The contents of this video do not constitute investment advice or purchase recommendations for stocks. This video describes our opinions on the companies we have invested in or whose shares we have sold.

Sifter Fund's Latest Investment

Long-Term Quality Investing Guide

Long-Term Quality Investing

In this guide, we focus on the key findings of long-term quality investing. The guide tells you how we at the Sifter Fund have applied these methods for 19 years.

We have invested our own money into Sifter Fund

The Sifter Fund was established in Luxembourg in 2003, when Hannes Kulvik was looking for investment opportunities for his assets. When Kulvik’s closest circle of friends expressed a similar need, he decided to open a fund that they could all invest in. The founders and key persons have stayed on as investors to this day.
Selection process

Sifter’s proprietary Stocksifter analysis suite sifts through the worldwide stock market for the very best revenue models and ranks them by price in real time.

A revolutionary idea

The Sifter Fund was born when Hannes Kulvik could no longer trust his wealth to the hands of any bankers, who seemed to treat the stock market like a horse race.

Hannes Kulvik, Sifter Capital
The Fund

The Sifter Fund contains 30 companies with exemplary revenue models. Finding these companies from a group that includes over 65,000 options is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Stock Diversification Guide Cover

Stock Diversification Guide

Diversification is essential for an equity investor. This guide explains how an investor should evaluate their equity portfolio from a diversification perspective.

This is how we think

On our blog, you can learn about how our analysts think and how we find the best stocks to invest in. By reading our blog, you will understand how we implement our long-term investment strategy in practice.

Santeri Korpinen

How can I help?

Hi! I’m Santeri Korpinen, the CEO of Sifter. I’m responsible for our investor relations. Get in touch and let’s discuss whether Sifter could be the right equity investment for you.