This is how we think

In Sifter’s blog, we tell you how our analysts think and how to find the best quality stocks. The purpose of the blog is to tell you how we put our long-term investment strategy into practice.
Should you buy or sell?

Many investors like to analyze the market and predict the direction that the market will go in next. Our goal is to analyze various companies to find the ones with the best revenue models.

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Sifter awarded five stars by Morningstar

Sifter has been awarded a perfect five-star rating by Morningstar, the world’s leading specialist in fund analysis. The five-star rating, which is familiar to many from the world of cinema, means that Sifter’s PI fund class is rated among the best in its category.

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Sifter is favored by entrepreneurs

Sifter’s owners are united by their belief in good business practices: excellent businesses are worth owning in the long term, and there is no point in selling them whenever the stock market surges or crashes.

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