Sifter Fund Global Monthly Report April 2021 Video

Sifter Fund Monthly Report April 2021 [Video]

In April, Sifter Fund appreciated 1.3% while the global equity market* appreciated 1.9%. YTD, Sifter Fund is up 14.1% while the market* is up 10.9% (*MSCI ACWI total return, Eur).

In April companies reported their Q1 results and provided guidance. Most of the quarterly results were better than expected. The economy is re-opening fast. For example, Alphabet benefitted from active online advertising and Verisign saw a higher than expected number of new web domain names being registered. Both of the companies are among the 10 biggest investments in Sifter Fund.

In addition to Sifter’s April results, in this video we tell you why have we invested in Atlas Copco and what makes it a quality company?

Disclaimer. The contents of this page do not constitute investment advice or purchase recommendations for stocks. This page describes our opinions on the companies we have invested in or whose shares we have sold. The past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future results.
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Long-Term Quality Investing – Download the Guide
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