Sifter is favored by entrepreneurs

Sifter’s owners are united by their belief in good business practices: excellent businesses are worth owning in the long term, and there is no point in selling them whenever the stock market surges or crashes.

Entrepreneurs in particular are especially likely to think this way. Maybe that’s why a large number of Sifter’s owners have an entrepreneurial background.

When Hannes Kulvik launched Sifter, he was joined by a group of wealthy individuals and families from Switzerland and Finland who believed in his model. Many of them had previous experience in venture capital.

Over the years, this group has expanded, and currently a third of the Fund’s owners come from Finland, a third from Switzerland, and a third from around Europe.

Lately, the Fund has welcomed new investors at a rate of around twenty per year, most often on the basis of a recommendation by a friend or acquaintance.

In addition to wealthy private individuals, Sifter has also been discovered by many family offices and a few foundations.

Over the years, some of these original investors have transferred their wealth to the next generation. Indeed, the share of forty-somethings has increased overall.

Some of Sifter’s owners like to handle their investments in the Finnish or Nordic stock market personally, while Sifter acts on their behalf on the global stock market.

On the other hand, for many of our owners, Sifter serves as the long-term part of their personal portfolios.

They can then focus on other instruments to conduct their short and medium-term investments.

The minimum subscription amount of one hundred thousand euros, our limited number of owners, and a common focus on the long term guarantee that the time and energy of our portfolio managers are not wasted on processing subscriptions and redemptions.

Our employees can focus solely on discovering the very best businesses from around the globe for Sifter’s portfolio.

Santeri Korpinen
CEO, Sifter Capital Oy

Disclaimer. The contents of this page do not constitute investment advice or purchase recommendations for stocks. This page describes our opinions on the companies we have invested in or whose shares we have sold. The past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future results.
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Long-Term Quality Investing – Download the Guide
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